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Re: Say hypothetically...

Post by fivve » Fri Apr 24, 2020 8:59 am

So Mecron,
What are the do's and do not's in regards to promoting the hypothetical anyway? Obviously the answer is... Check with you first. But a starting point would be good.

I guess we could try and create a fan site, fan art, even a short movie if your ok with that, similar to what people are doing with WarHammer 40,000.

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Re: Say hypothetically...

Post by Mecron » Tue Apr 28, 2020 6:57 pm

The do's are always be positive, be clear, state nicely that you are trying to drum up support but you are not promising anything official. Don't be demanding. My advice is to ignore or delete obvious trolls but do not respond to them even in what you think are positive ways...trolls are always quicksand, any engagement gets you stuck and attracts predators.

Have fun and thanks for your enthusiasm. The ol girl certainly deserves it.

(also anyone playing PI who has not posted a positive Steam review, we could use your support as every success brings this hypothetical closer to reality)

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Re: Say hypothetically...

Post by endymon » Sun Aug 09, 2020 3:06 am

DISCLAIMER: I haven't read through the entire 80+ pages of this thread, so if I repeat things that others have mentioned forgive me.

I'll try to keep this as practical as possible.

My wish list for a HD remaster/remake of SotS 1:

- Ability to configure keybinds in game (same as sots2)

- AI Improvements...
* ... can handle ship types that were ignored before: Gravboats, Devourers, Seige
* ... discover and recall ships that are inbetween planets (probably give the AI a free full fuel-tank to any fleet recalled this way)
* ... can handle specialized weapon systems in combat: Shield-breakers, Mines, EMP, Boarding, COL, Grapples, Tractor Beam
* ... somewhat intelligently (not asking for much here) handle fleet reserves and retreat options.
* ... take evasive maneuvers when confronted with AOE weapons: node cannons, mines, corrosive missiles
* ... don't charge directly at the opposing fleet. Maybe approach in a few smaller squadrons at an angle. Don't make it like shooting fish in a barrel.
* ... don't chase ships that are kiting with missiles.
* ... don't blindly auto-target assault-shuttles/slave-disks/bio-missiles as INFINITE high priority targets.
* ... limited ability for the AI to pre-build colonizers/scouts during early expansion phase.

- Combat...
* ... Tweak mining traps to actually be a "winnable" encounter (maybe like blasteroids, but tougher)
* ... more moons available, maybe planetary rings?
* ... more variation in how the asteroids belts exist: thickness, planetary distance, density
* ... 3 combat planes from sots2. Should help with ship collision, and friendly fire.
* ... ability to tell a ship to self destruct. That way if I know I've lost, and I'm just waiting to be destroyed I can end it quicker.
* ... speed up combat more than 8x
* ... have the planet size in the system reflect the planetary size on the strategic map
* ... Less ability to laser/blast/missile a planet to death, more use for specialized bombardment weapons.
* ... a limited version of armor from sots2 (probably not the rotation aspect)
* ... ability to designate reinforcement rally point (when not appearing next to existing command ship).
... ... automatically disable/move the rally point when "camped" by hostile forces.
* ... more accurate auto-resolve. Doesn't have to be full combat simulation, but maybe conducted over several rounds based on weapon ranges (1 ~ long range, 2 ~ medium range, 3 ~ short range)
* ... more consistency in how multi faction combats are handled.
... ... example1: my fleet shows up at planet that is being colonized by another faction, they trigger colony trap, but MY ships are dragged to their doom?
... ... example2: Allied combat, my ships start off no where near where the fighting is actually taking place
* ... ability to pause or adjust the speed of the game in multiplayer (each player sets their speed, and game uses the slowest of each player)
* ... show an estimated chance of success when choosing to auto-resolve combat

- Modding...
* ... No more hidden hard coded values. Every value should be configurable within some bounds.
* ... ability to mod racial affinities (tech research speed, economic efficiency etc)
* ... All AI tech priorities and weights should be exposed. No more mysterious interaction between my weight and the hidden hard-coded value.
* ... some configuration options for all starmap templates (don't need a full map editor though)
* ... limited scripting ability to add new random encounters or scenarios
* ... in the shipsection file list any model hardpoints that aren't currently used in game (for convenience)
* ... (may not be possible) automatic generation of tech tree connection lines
* ... choose positioning of techs based on x/y coordinates in the tech tree file (no need for pre-designed 3d model)
* ... allow (limited) configuration of ship collision boxes.

- Game Setup and map generation...
* ... Individual toggles for each random-encounter grand-menance at game creation
* ... Per player controls for economic/tech sliders
* ... option for 100% tech unlocks for all races (plenty of mods already do this)
* ... Easier assignment of players into races & teams (maybe by hitting the 1..8 keys with the mouse-over)
* ... Ability to "save" maps that the map slider generators
... ... Example: If I like clusters on exactly 327 stars with 7LY separation, I should be able to "pin" that for quick recall later without having to jot it down on a notepad.
* ... All stars should be connected by at least 1 node-line
* ... better placement of capitals on all map types (on some maps, often 1-2 players will be placed at distance 12 from nearest star, and others have 3 stars within range 7)
* ... maps that can easily be divided into 2 halves should have players evenly distributed (looking at you Hourglass and Barbell)
* ... allow extra AI players above 8 players slots

- Strategic & Empire Management...
* ... Central place to see all build orders. Having to check each planet to see if I already built this fleet somewhere is super annoying.
* ... Option to collapse all identical ships into 1 row of the fleet card (similar to sots2)
* ... fleet auto-sort that isn't based on name, but by role (an option you can select when designing a ship similar to weapon groups)
* ... Retrofit existing designs (without introducing the baggage of prototyping) and without the joke that is Stellaris ship "upgrades"
* ... Limited version of sots2 Patrol mission (to help with random encounter without needing a fleet at EVERY planet)
... ... and an associated alternative map mode to show which systems are protected by patrols
* ... Confirmation sfx that a fleet was put into guard (or raiding, or whatever mode)
* ... Some form of scaling empire logistics cost so that large wealthy empires cannot trivialize technology research.
* ... easier slave management for zuul (maybe all zuul slaves go into a single big pool that just boosts empire productivity directly instead of per planet)
* ... Auto upgrade engines on some "autonomous" vessels.
* ... save UI sort setting across play sessions
* ... the reserves fleet where new construction is auto-assigned to at each planet from sots2

- TechTree and Research...
* ... ghost mode where the whole tree is shown as a shadow of itself
* ... Include multiple levels of farcasting for Hiver
* ... Include warp-extension for Tarka
* ... Add ability to unlock a counter-measure tech after being hit with a technology for the first time. Say chance to unlock hardened electronics after being hit by EMP or emitters (assuming you didn't unlock those techs yourself)
* ... more purpose for Hiver LR engines & Ramscoops.
* ... more control over research spent on special projects
* ... add counter technologies for other weapon classes (particle beams, cannons/torps)

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Re: Say hypothetically...

Post by rytram » Sun Sep 20, 2020 9:25 pm


Quick question. What are your thoughts on a fully 3D battleground. in SoTS the battlefield is more like a 3D flat plane. but if the battleground was maybe shortened from what it was (it was pretty big) and transform it to spherical or Cubed with hotkeys to ascend/descend or strategically plot routes through that space (i dont know how this would be done) much like you can do in sensor view. i think maybe years ago i may have said something similar. but i cant really recall. have more hotkeys for things like adjusting the pitch and angle of ships.
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Re: Say hypothetically...

Post by Mecron » Wed Sep 23, 2020 4:32 pm

Rytram, sots combat was based on a "thick" plane for a very good reason. The bit of hand wavey you do about how to actually do 3-D commands is the crux of the problem.

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