release : baaarp! 1.01 for sots bob 1.52

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release : baaarp! 1.01 for sots bob 1.52

Post by motorbit » Thu Jul 03, 2008 3:09 pm

a new baaarp verion is online:

download baaarp! 1.01



~~~weapon revalancings:~~~

-balistic weapons:
research costs for mass driver and heavy driver doubeld, ap rounds and neutrino rounds reseach costs incrased by 33%. costs of (ap)massdriver and (ap)heavy driver incrased

cost of light emiter rised from 500 to 2000. costs of med emiter rised from 1000 to 4000. costs of heavy emiter rised from 4000 to 6000.
i thougt long time about what to do with the emiters. the devs say:" they are not overpowered, they just appear to be overpowered in the early game with lots of weak and slow ships." . hum, well, to me it always seemed, that light emiters in fakt are - to avoid the word overpowered - verry strong at last during the early game phase. nothing less i realy like emiters as they are, and i didnt wanted to change them.
incrasing the cost finaly worked verry well. money is verry short in the early game and now fill up a de-hammerhead-armor with light emiters will easyly double the price of the ship.

health of projectorturrets reduced to 200% of vanilla bob. it was 300% since baaarp! 0.9

~~~reseach balancing~~~
-tweaked some weapon research chances a little bit: higher chance for tarkas to get pd-phasers, phasers, lancers, cutting beam, neutrino rounds and ap rounds. lower chance for tarkas to get projectors and hecs . higher chance for hivers to get ap and neutrino rounds. lower chance for hiver to get (pd)phasers, projectors, hecs and emiters. higher chance for humans to get hecs. chance for liir to have cloaking / improved cloaking incrased.

~~~combat changes~~~
- damage of infrastructure during bombardements incrased:
all weapons infrastructure damage boosted to 400%.
red/green lasers and plasma cannon / projector now damaging infrastructur too.
i decided to do so because i cant see a way how to miss structures but kill the people inside with any fireweapon.


-damage of fusion hec on pointblanc and maxrange was to low.

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Re: release : baaarp! 1.01 for sots bob 1.52

Post by erdrik » Fri Jul 04, 2008 12:05 am

Please post updates to the same thread as before.
It just gets messy and confusing if you make a new thread for each update.

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