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My suggestion

Post by MrAlan25 » Fri Dec 03, 2010 3:57 pm

Hello ... I am fond of games like Fort Zombie or rather games about zombies and games with the cultivation of survival and the world of doom (scale / mass disasters) and play a game Fort Zombie, I was surprised because the idea of the game just wonderful but I have no diversity at all prepared for diversity ... So I decided to write their Prop:

1.Create a character in the game scale of satiety, that is, if the character will not be for a long time to eat, he can simply die. The scale of satiety in the game will feel stronger and more insight into the world of Fort Zombie intimately saying it will give the game atmosphere.
2.Add the ability to create your own character, that is, change clothes and looks ... It's a lot of players like hope because the main character looks like the same main character from the game Postal ...
3.In the world of Fort Zombies do not have enough freedom of choice, for example, can make more choices among asylum / lock or like to make a function that will equip every house they liked in the world under the shelter of Fort zombie survivors, and defense against attacks by zombies at night is too much ... Players like the freedom of choice, they can choose the safe haven / shelter for his taste.
4.You can do so - Happy zombies is much smaller than at night, the night the defense and the war with the zombies and the day production of food, ammunition, finding survivors, in fact preparing for the night but also have free time ...
5.Add diversity to the game for example - you can take the street car but that it needed to have a key, the keys if they are lucky may be in the car unless you are lucky they will have to look for in a building / house near which it stands ...
6.Increase the gaming space (gaming world) to make it more extensive and diverse
7.Make chips for example - it is far outside the city is gun shop with a bunch of various weapons and ammunition, or a supermarket with a bunch of food ... Before the store can be reached by car and load all gathered in the trunk and drive to the shelter for survivors.
8.You can also make the war between vyevshimi, say some groups of survivors fighting over food and ammunition needed to hurry to the store for food or other group is nothing there to leave.
9.Earn management as at Fort Zombie is very inconvenient

I still have more than 1000 ideas for Fort Zombie but write them all very hard...
I do not understand English I am from Russia so that if there are mistakes in grammar do not blame me as a translator
I hope you notice my suggestions and make them into a list of the patch to Fort Zombie or to Fort Zombie 2

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Re: My suggestion

Post by Mecron » Fri Dec 03, 2010 10:09 pm

Some great stuff...most of it requiring a much bigger game than a 10 dollar title....the only one on your list that is really right out is #8...humans do not fight humans in the FZ universe, the rot devours anyone with that inclination. :twisted:

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Re: My suggestion

Post by Erinys » Fri Dec 03, 2010 11:54 pm

I appreciate the suggestions MrAlan. Thank you, and I hope if you have the time and feel like struggling with the English you will type out some more of them. :)

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