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Camera rotate suggestion

Post by Nightshade » Fri Jan 07, 2011 6:10 pm

Looking through the other suggestions, most of the ones I was going to suggest (including a beginner mode) seem to have already been discussed, but I'd like to put one forward: it'd really be nice to have a camera rotate mode not dependent on the mouse, and thus prone to leaving your camera pointing at odd angles. Not only is this painful at critical moments, its just generally annoying when inside. After finally managing to get to the police station again, I was searching it over after dealing with the friendly inhabitants, and the need to use the mouse to change angle of view (even when the character was facing that way) was really tedious.

I have two suggestions; ideally both would be nice, but I have no idea if implementation of one or both would be painful.

1. Simple Rotation: basically, have something like an Alt + arrows combination that will just rotate your camera along the horizontal axis (the mouse is probably fine for the vertical since you don't tend to need to change your vertical that often--looking up or down stairs being about the only useful thing for that).

2. Snap to View: a function key that will just snap the camera to the perspective of the character. That way if you've already turned the character, you don't now have to fiddle with the mouse just to see what he's seeing.

On a related issue, it'd be nice if the character would automatically turn to face a point you left click. It seems to do this to some degree in melee (at least when viewed from above) but its inconsistent, and it'd simplify some elements of combat while still leaving you more precise control for general movement with the arrow keys.

(Yes, I'm sure some people prefer having to juggle the key/mouse use here, just because it makes things harder. But this seems more pointlessly spastic than it needs to be, unless the coding is a problem.)

For what they're worth.

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