Please Pick My Braaaiiinnnssss! (Expansion Ideas)

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Please Pick My Braaaiiinnnssss! (Expansion Ideas)

Post by Big Game » Thu Jan 13, 2011 1:00 pm

I bought this game recently, and despite it's flaws, have to say I'm blown away by how addictively enjoyable it is. With it's fantastic concept, and varied gameplay I can see me playing this for a very long time. So I thought I'd offer up a bunch of ideas I'd love to see implemented at some point.

* Blank character template. Be able to assign attributes and skills from scratch rather than modify a set occupation choice.

* Still keep standard occupation but give them a career orientated item as a starting bonus. (examples being a Medkit for a paramedic, combat knife for a soldier, hard hat (read on for related details) for construction worker, etc.

* Add armour. The body is already divided into zones (head, torso, etc), I'd like to see armour added into the game to help protect these areas from damage. Armour items would have a massive variety, examples being hard hats (head), flak jackets (torso), firefighter coats (torso & arms), hockey mask (head), etc. Game mechanics could be simulated by something as simple as just adding extra health to that part of the body while the item is worn.

* Loot downed zombies. It would be nice if there was a chance you could recover that axe the firefighter zombie was swinging at you, or even a few rounds of ammo off that police zombie.

* Loot vehicles for fuel.

* Updatable mission map. Something Ben would knock up as he worked his way through a mission. Allow him to tag locations on his map with a short note like avoid, or explore after securing main objective, etc.

* Scopes, binoculars, and telescopes. Not sure about the physics needed to implement in game, but if they could be added it would be a nice strategic addition.

* Distractions. Zombies respond to noise so it would be nice if Ben could find items to help send them running in the wrong direction. Examples could be fireworks, remote controlled car, crying doll, windchimes, etc.

* Survivor mission. These would be missions (or even side-missions)that Ben would find out about after rescuing other survivors. These could be anything from them knowing the location of a specific item, or another survivor.

* Explosives. Grenades, dynamite, molotov's, etc. While being a double edge sword on missions due to noise generated, potentially they could be the basis of a lethal trap for fort defense.

* Unique/Morale boost items. One per game things that add an interesting perk. Perhaps these could be the reward for Survivor given missions. Example items could be the Stars and Stripes, family photo album (family specific morale boost), military bugle, Bible, a rockstar's autograph, a kitten or puppy, etc.

* New Survivors. See below.

* New Zombies. See below.

* New buildings (Forts too?), and maptiles. With the modular maptile makeup of Piety adding new areas should be viable, perhaps even a new fort type too! As for examples see the following...

Ok, I realise that's a freakin' huge list, some of which would require considerable time and resources from Kerberos. I also understand Kerberos are actually already good enough to update the game free of charge, and my wish list might be seen as asking for too much. However, I think Kerberos should consider looking at what some online MMO's do and release mini-expansions for general purchase. After all I know I'd happily pay for more content, and I'm sure others would too.

Examples of possible mini expansions are...

* National Guard Firebase.

Firebase maptile- An area previously fortified by the military that has since been overrun. Excellent area to salvage military hardware, and rations. Heightened threat due to larger concentration of Soldier Zombies. Additional new zombie being an army medic (reskinned paramedic). New survivor in a stranded trooper.

* Dog Training Kennels.

Kennels maptile- Good for scavenging dog food (it's the apocalypse, it's staple survival food), bite protection suit (armour). New Zombie dogs! New Survivor dog! (good scout, spot skills).

* Stripclub

Strip club maptile- Good for scavenging a small amount of alcohol (food/medicine). Zombie Strippers! (homage to the movie :) ). New survivor Stripper (good interaction skills).

...and so on.

What do you guys reckon?

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Re: Please Pick My Braaaiiinnnssss! (Expansion Ideas)

Post by TrashMan » Thu Jan 13, 2011 2:16 pm

Nice list..

Do take not that one cannot pick up ammo from zombie soldiers...cause they aren't using normal ammo anymore..their rifles themselves are...corrupted.
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Re: Please Pick My Braaaiiinnnssss! (Expansion Ideas)

Post by Nightshade » Thu Jan 13, 2011 7:36 pm

Lot of nice ideas, some of which I suspect are easier to implement than others; I bet the dogs would be a pain, for example.

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Re: Please Pick My Braaaiiinnnssss! (Expansion Ideas)

Post by U.E.D.C. » Fri Jan 14, 2011 1:24 am

It is my understanding that the animal kingdom has left humanity to fight this battle alone, so I would not expect to see any creatures. And aside from what Trash said about looting zombies, all very interesting suggestions.
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Re: Please Pick My Braaaiiinnnssss! (Expansion Ideas)

Post by Big Game » Sat Jan 22, 2011 8:29 am

I had another thought. I'd like to see the addition of a melee option in the survivor behavior buttons. That way you can ensure your survivors only engage zombies unarmed or with melee weapons rather than use any firearms they might be carrying.

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Re: Please Pick My Braaaiiinnnssss! (Expansion Ideas)

Post by icarus13 » Tue May 07, 2013 3:37 pm

I think this could work more people will be interested to play this game, and I like the dog part and the side mission part it could definitely work..

given if it could be implemented..

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