Companion waypoints and trench spike

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Companion waypoints and trench spike

Post by Hari Seldon » Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:29 am

In your next patch could you add the ability to highlight a companion and click or right or middle click on the ground to set waypoints to direct them if they are being stupid. Especially while paused.

Also, the Zombie Survival guide says a crowbar is the best common weapon, but the best in theory is a one-handed (great for offhand quick grab if you are wielding a onehanded gun) trench spike which was designed to punch through steel helmets and brain someone, and also have blunt weapon capability with a knuckle guard and hitting with the side of the spike. Maybe have this as a rarer more powerful weapon than the broadsword? Maybe a spike through the torso is better than a slice or stab being stopped by ribs. The broadsword would be better at taking down limbs but that's about it. Also manufacturing your own trench spike in Northstar would be cool if you can find those blueprints online.
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