GPS, radios, satellite phones, and antidepressants

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GPS, radios, satellite phones, and antidepressants

Post by Hari Seldon » Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:32 am

Human civilization is gone, but the satellites are still puttering around on their solar panels.

A satellite phone might still be able to call another satellite phone, and if not that then police radios!

A portable car GPS (the satellites still work!) containing an entire map of the US, its hospitals, gas stations, department and grocery stores, etc. would be invaluable to coordinate searches. Hope you found that wall charger! I mean many cars have portable or integrated GPS now so this might not be too hard to find.

I mean I assume electrical skill listed in Fort Zombie does something despite my computer being too slow to play it. So there is at least bicycle powered electricity or something that could easily charge police radios, mostly useless smartphones, and portable GPS.

Airplanes often come with portable backup radio in case of total electrical failure. Visit the airport, or maybe even use the control tower radio to set up HAM radio.

Also, I posted Antidepressants against the rot in the zombie apocalypse discuss the rot section.
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