Smoothing the frame rate.

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Smoothing the frame rate.

Post by Jerico » Fri Sep 09, 2011 6:57 pm

I found a house that was empty of all furniture and when I went inside the frame rate was as smooth as glass, And I have noticed that things like large wooden tables, cabinets and dresses (Even fridges) can be moved by walking into them. Shelves inside stores too, most of these things would be too heavy (Or too bolted to the floor in some cases) to be so easily moved.
So if some of the furniture were changed from dynamic to static, I think it would smooth frame rate considerably indoors.
Also on the subject of Glass and doors after they break, I think when a door/ window 'breaks' it should be 'deleted' instantly, it could save on memory.
For zombies, maybe the legs could be permanently fixed to the torso? 1 less piece for the computer to track.
AND also I love this game. Period, to me its better than ANY other zombie game, indie or not! Even with a little lag, its still fantastic, These are just a few suggestions.
Note: I used the search

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