Certain Items, combining

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Certain Items, combining

Post by Jerico » Mon Sep 12, 2011 5:42 pm

I love the game so much, but some thing's kinda stick odd with me.
Antibiotics and Medkits = 10Med units.
I'm just thinking that medkits should have more units due to their size and actual intended purpose of healing of external wounds like bites scratches and other wounds,
meanwhile antibiotics are meant for use over a period of time to cure internal malodys. I'm just thinking that a med kit should be about 20-40 Units due to its size.

But on that note, Im thinking different sizes.
Small:10, Medium: 20, and large:40 (Small takes up 4 'spaces' each space is the size of most misc items, Medium takes 8, and large takes 16)

Now, I have a problem sometimes where my inventory is filled with half full boxes of ammo, is there a planned combination feature?

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