Trying to do multiplayer

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Trying to do multiplayer

Post by Twinburner » Fri Feb 07, 2014 12:51 am

So I've just picked back up SotS2 with a buddy of mine and we wanted to do some multiplayer. However it's looking like our games never show up in the multiplayer lobby. We tried using a few direct connect options we have and they worked 'ok' but I'd rather not use them again if possible due to a massive error that occurred during one of them. I saw conflicting info in the posts, do I need certain ports opened or could it be something else?

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Re: Trying to do multiplayer

Post by Hawawaa » Fri Feb 07, 2014 2:02 am

Hopefully one of these tips helps ya.

Update router firmware.

If you have an antivirus like Norton turn it off. Turn it on after your multiplayer session is over. (Now you may not have to turn off your Antivirus and add in in and out rules for it. But I know Norton is being a problem child so it has to be off.)

If port forwarding isn't helping ya try port triggering (it's in advanced settings on your router and you enter in the same numbers).

Do windows search for "firewall" and jump into your firewall (windows firewall and advanced security). The inbound and outbound rules do the following: to allow both Sots2.exe and Mars.exe inbound and outbound rules. (the .exes are in main drive, steam/steamapps/common/sots2/bin/x86 and in there you should eyeball both of them)
(double click the rule and you will have to do this 4 times ie 4 rules total for in and out) in general tab under action set it to allow connection.
If you move over to advanced tab make sure Domain, Private and Public are all checked (if you see Edge Traversal below Profiles in advanced tab set to allow and note this is for inbound rules not out fyi.)

This is all I know. Hope it helps.

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