Rant about Feasibility Studies

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ed bever
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Re: Rant about Feasibility Studies

Post by ed bever » Thu Oct 29, 2015 11:50 am

We are talking about a stragegy game. This means that planning ahead is vital, feasibility studies should in no way impair this. This does not mean you should be absolutely certain about what you'll end up getting, but it DOES mean that, if your race has a 90% base probability, feasilibility should never be below, say, 50% minimum, with that Psyonic tech changing that to, say, 75% minimum, which would make it a viable tech to plan early on.

My suggestion would be to reduce the randomness in the feasibility studies, and maybe give a flat boost to the general feasibility to a science station for the field that station is focussed on (both, in my oppinion, make sense). I actually like the concept of feasibility better then simply modding all techs to be availeble for everyone.

Also, i am sorry for reviving such an old thread, i wasn't aware the game is even this old :P

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Re: Rant about Feasibility Studies

Post by Mecron » Thu Oct 29, 2015 7:28 pm

there IS a correlation between feasibility and probability of actually getting it. It is not totally random. Welcome to the game! ;)

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