Ability to create subgroups in the ship designs list

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Ability to create subgroups in the ship designs list

Post by Zweistein » Tue Aug 20, 2013 10:17 pm

I had this idea when I looked at the mess of my list of cruiser/dreadnaught designs realising I'm keeping half of them there because there still in service, but will never again be build. There a two was this could be done:

1st one allows you to create subgroups manually and you manually sort your ships. Thus you can easily differentiate them and sort them to your needs.

2nd way is to create an automatic system that once you delete a design it checks all the fleets/reserves to see if you are still using the design. If you are then it throws it on the mothballed list. This allows you to differentiate between ships that are still in circulation and the new hi-tech ships just entering circulation as well allowing you to update those ships until you finally decide to retire them. When the last copy of that ship is destroyed you get a question weather to keep the design on your mothbaled list or to remove it permanently.
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Re: Ability to create subgroups in the ship designs list

Post by Starknight » Mon Sep 09, 2013 3:35 pm

I was actually thinking something like this. Rather than deleting designs, can we just have the old ones moved to an 'obsolete' category? And then have the option to move them back into the active list? This would prevent player stupidities like accidentally deleting a design which you still have in service and would like to retrofit at some point.
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