Buff rapid fire missiles - Possibly bug?

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Buff rapid fire missiles - Possibly bug?

Post by Resok » Wed Sep 04, 2013 2:16 am

As they are currently they're fairly underwhelming compared to other heavy missile varieties. I think this may be due to a bug but I'm not 100% certain so I figured I'd post it here in case the current stats/functionality are intended. Currently they fire a volley of 5 mini-missiles at their target. They have shorter range than normal missiles, longer refire delay, and are only mountable on Heavy mounts. Based on the .Weapon file data I think they're intending to fire two sets of 5 missiles (two barrels listed in the TurretClasses node), but instead only fire a single set of 5.

Now the volley of 5 would be solid if they were medium mount weapons (a small upgrade in raw DPS potential over a single medium missile mount but with more saturation effect and longer recharge) which is why I suspect it may simply be a bug that the heavy mounts are only generating a volley of 5 total missiles.

As it stands now based on my experience with using them in MP and SP they do far less potential damage (even factoring in the slightly better saturation) than simply using two medium mount missiles in the same heavy slot.
- Resok

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