Change of multiple attacker's fleet placement mechanic

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Re: Change of multiple attacker's fleet placement mechanic

Post by FireStorm20 » Tue Oct 22, 2013 8:39 am

Ok i dont really see how can i explain it more, done my best with those pics.So how would you secure on example 2 your 2 planets against those 3 fleets? Because i dont see a good solution.

1-If you split fleets between planets, you risk fighting with a split force the 3 attacking fleets.

2-If you put on one planet your 3 defending fleets, you risk to loose the other one.

3- If you intercept at entry point , its the situation i described in the example.
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Re: Change of multiple attacker's fleet placement mechanic

Post by Karu » Tue Oct 22, 2013 5:26 pm

If you only have 1 Fleet to defend intercept entry point.

If you have more then 1: Intercept entry point, the other should go to 1 planet and defend that.
Slow the enemy with your defense sats as good as possible.
Remember your fleets can stand their indefinatly and can repair - the enemy cannot stand there long (maybe 10 turns as hiver at best?).
See our last game as reference :)

Making attacking easier then defending is intended in my humble opinion. How else do games end?
The defender has the advantage of time (staying power enemy fleet) and preparation (you know where their entry is) and number advantage on fight (defense assets + fleet).
The attacker can choose the weakest link/target and a dedicated fleet (or up to 3) and get the advantage if he survive the first turn of battles IF he got enough tactical room to "wiggle" out of it.
That makes zone control vital. On that note as long as a defense asset is in a sector it cannot be "turned" and so not used between turns to plan the 2nd turn invasion.

So Turn 1 defense is easier.
Turn to and later favor the attacker - sounds fair to me tbh.


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Re: Change of multiple attacker's fleet placement mechanic

Post by FireStorm20 » Tue Oct 22, 2013 6:03 pm

Well imho its the other way around, defender should be favoured.Attacker chooses the attack place, while defender must defend all his border>Also usually in game its the stronger party that attacks ...

But point taken, it might be why the situation seems unfair to me, while Mecron thinks its ok , maybe he also of the mind that attacker should have an edge.

And that split fleets tactic will never really work against an opponent who is close to your power.Slowing down with drone platforms is all good and dandy but against 3 fleets it wont buy you more then 1 turn.

Our game was a different situation alltogeter, since it was :

1-One planet system.
2-You couldnt come close to me, since i would annihilate your fleet (i had brawlers mostly, you had missile spammers), so you had to keep your distance , and it was all time run and chase game, you trying to pick something from distance be it my ship or a station, while me shielding the stations and trying to come catch one of your ships off guard, getting to close.Which was really fun, but it was a different situation.
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Re: Change of multiple attacker's fleet placement mechanic

Post by Resok » Tue Oct 22, 2013 6:35 pm

So here's been my primary experiences with playing *ALOT* of hours in MP combats.

1. Zones of control are possibly the most important element as a defender or attacker to worry about. Controlling as much of the territory and denying your enemy the ability to advance deeper in your territory in many cases is as important or more important than actually killing their ships off.
2. If your enemy picks the same fleet 3 times in a row - they can continue to press in deeper into your territory as long as they don't lose their CnC. Even if they do not control the zone they end the fight in - they will continue forward. However if they're not able to do anything to your planets/stations within this time then they're still back to square one and attacking from their starting ZOC.
3. If you don't allow your enemy to control (or set to neutral) new ZOCs, their subsequent fleets will only spawn in the nearest available controlled ZOC for their side. All you need to do to prevent this is to leave a ship in the sectors your enemy fleet is moving into and it will remain under your control unless you move out of it or lose all ship assets. For this Police cutters and Platforms can be *essential* in a defense.
4. Threaten that CnC - ALWAYS, if you have the option. Their CnC is the key to their continued assault - if you start out right next to their CnC in a combat entry point, you can deny their ability to push in and strike your colonies via attrition tactics in many cases even if you are fighting a losing battle. For this reason even as Solforce and Morrigi I'll almost always have boarding ships available to attempt a surgical close range suicide strike against their CnC.
5. Defense assets are the key to defensive victories in almost every case. A locked down system is only locked down via a strong set of fleets to match your enemies forces, supported by defense assets to give you that edge in both damage output/targets and ZOC control.
- Resok

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