Multiple Tech Paths

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Multiple Tech Paths

Post by Polybomber » Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:34 pm

This is a suggestion for a small tweak to the way multiple tech chances currently work. At the moment if you research a tech with multiple paths you're forced to research whichever path you opt for first regardless of the outcome of the feasibility study. I think a better option would be if you decided against researching one path to a tech due to a low chance of success, when you research the other branch the game would compare the feasibility study results and automatically research through whichever path had the higher percentage feasibility chance. This would not be based on the actual chance to get the tech, only whichever way looks more viable to your researchers. If you fail to get the tech on the first try, you could still try again from the second path with the lower probability of success. If the research is cancelled through one path prior to completion, the second path could still be used once its discovered.

By way of example I'll use the situation I had in my current Tarka game. I conducted a feasibility study on Reflex Furnaces and found I had only a 25% chance of success. Normally, now that I've completed the feasibility study I'd be forced to research through this path despite the extremely low chance of success. Even if my scientists found a much more promising route to take. Instead under the system I'm proposing, I could try and research Wave Amplification. If I get it then I've unlocked the second link to Reflex Furnaces. At this point I could conduct a feasibility study on Reflex Furnaces. If this study resulted in a higher chance of success say 90% then the game would automatically select this path to research through. It is of course still possible that I'd get the tech through the 25% link and fail on the 90% link but the player has no way of knowing this so it almost always makes more sense to use the higher chance link(yes some links are more expensive than others but generally I think the higher chance of success is more important). If I don't get the tech on the higher percentage link then I'd still have the option to try again on the lower percentage link. I think this system does a good job of preventing the current situation where you have to spend many turns researching a tech with no expectation of success to 200% only to have it fail just so you can get to the second chance. Also new players wouldn't have to worry about manually selecting an option since the game would make the best choice.

I also think though that if this system were implemented that perhaps not as much tech should carry over from one path to the next. Currently it seems like 100% of the research from the first tech carries to the second. I think something more like 30% to 50% should carry over. Which seems more realistic and will cause players to actually consider whether they want to research the lower chance link.

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