Mission path planning for Loa

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Mission path planning for Loa

Post by zortlord » Wed Nov 13, 2013 12:59 pm

Currently, Loa fleets can only go on missions where they can travel through their Npg Network within their support range. However, this prevents sending fleets that can sometimes be right next to a desired destination ( due to the current pathing logic, only the Npg closest to the destination is considered for the final path of Npg system to non-Npg system. ). Instead of only considering fleets that could travel through the Npg network to get to the closest Npg system prior to going, please add an "or" condition checking if the fleet could just directly travel to the destination.

For example (letters being systems)


Assuming that there are fleets and npgs at only A and B and fleets don't have the endurance to travel from B to A to C but they DO have the endurance to travel B to C, then the fleet from B will nevershow up in the mission system for any missions that could be done at C even though the mission system allows the user to force the fleet to travel directly.

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