Protean Variety

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Protean Variety

Post by Möbius » Sat May 17, 2014 10:31 am

Hello, long time since my last post here on the Forum. And now after playing the Pit (and enjoying it a lot) i came back with a suggestion, for the hopefully not so distant future when you are allowed and able to afford "wasting" :) your precious time on Sots II.

So here is my Suggestion:

Playing the Pit, i really became interested in the Enemy Family of the Proteans, the variety of Forms (both Size and Adaptability) this enemy is able to throw at you, makes him in my opinion one of the most interesting Enemy you can encounter in this Facillity of Doom. I would love to see parts of this variety also in the Sots 2 game, as of right now i fell that the Protean is really just kind of boring and weak. What does this in particular mean?:

Variety of Size:

-Right know the only size of Protean you are able to encounter is the medium sized (cruiser like) Protean. I would love to see Destroyer(BR)-sized Proteans, as well as Dreadnought and even Leviathan sized ones. With the Leviathan ones being of course very rare but powerfull.

Variety of Form:

-Right know the only Form you can find a protean in is it's normal white for. I think this enemy could be made a lot more interesting and menacing if you add additional alternate Forms like:

-The Absorboid (the Pit greets :)): This Protean would be nearly Immune to Energy Weapons, using their energy to recharge his own weapons. Instead of firing blobs of Acid, he fires lots of Emitter Class weapons (from light to Heavy) and Disruptors as well as EMP Torpedos (those could be given some kind of Armor penetration (due to their acid basis) to make them not utterly useless vs high armor ships)

-The Neutronioid: This Protean absorbed large amounts of Neutronium, transforming him into a nearly indestructable Force (High armor as well as high amounts of structure). Instead of Firing weak Acid blobs, he fires super dense Acid blobs (This could be translated into the game by giving him the Normal Gauß, Mass, Heavy Driver Weapons as well as the Impactor Driver + some Armor Penetration and reduced ricochet chance on all his weapons (Acid).)

-The Xomboid (again something that escaped from the Pit): This Protean absorbed the dreaded Xombie Plague. He will behave like a normal Protean, but every attack he fires on a Planet will infect a small amount of the Planets Population. Kill them fast or lose the rest of your population and the planet to cannibalistic ghouls.

Of course all of this Proteans are encounterable in all 4 Sizes.

Attacking Proteans: It would also be cool to have Proteans attack a system (like Asteroids) instead of just defending a small amount of planets.

Protean GM: Last but not Least i think a Protean GM would be the Final Step to make the Sots II Proteans as fearsome as their Pit Counterparts. I would love to see something like a Big Protean Swarm, lead by one Leviathan sized Protean (his Form choosen randomly) that is accompanied by a multitude of different other Proteans (all varying in size and Form), moving from System to System destroying Planets as well as Fleets.

Hope my suggestion(s) sound(s) not complety crazy in your ears. Would love to hear what you think about it(them).

Wish you good luck for the future as well as the ability to make much more games like Sots(2) or the Pit.


PS.: Talking about GMs. Im also really interested in the Puppetmaster. I think its not realy known what he is. Does he have something to do with the Specters?

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Re: Protean Variety

Post by Ciurrioc » Sat May 17, 2014 1:24 pm

You could potentially whip this up with a little modding actually, I've had this thought before as well so awesomeness to you :awesome: not saying its a substitute for what the devs could make but you know :3.

like the idea over all.
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