'Reformed' Zuul and the battle riders

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'Reformed' Zuul and the battle riders

Post by Unwashed_Pleb » Fri Nov 18, 2011 11:42 pm

I am writing this after getting a -very- close look at all of the 'reformed' zuul vessels. Whoever did the art directing of these ships should be given an award.

The Zuul as we knew them in Sots:BB, their ships were very much 'reaver' like hodge podges of ships, stapled together in order to create a rather questionably designed vessel. Bits and pieces of other ships bolted together to make an entirely different vessel.

Now that we see the 'Reformed' zuul ships, which were designed from the ground up, you begin to actually see a pattern that begins to show a real culture growing out of them. Every ship is asymmetrical just like the normal zuul design, showing that it has something to do with who the zuul are, rather then the old style of designing ships. They are all built on the basis of hexagon, or near hexagon modules merged together, giving a sort of insight as to what the ships must be like on the inside. The armor plating shows vestigial instincts to grab broken pieces of armor from dead ships and bolt them onto their own.

Kudos to who designed it... I am very impressed.
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Re: 'Reformed' Zuul and the battle riders

Post by Golden Yak » Mon Nov 21, 2011 1:30 am

Unwashed_Pleb wrote:Kudos to who designed it... I am very impressed.

Why thank you.
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