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Re: Afterlife?

Post by Erinys » Mon Jan 09, 2012 4:24 am

Mockery wrote:What is the Morrigi view on ancestors who become (effectively,) 'damnatio memoraie' due to their descendants dying off, or dying in a manner that leaves no remains for a tomb? Ancestors that, through no fault of their own (except conceivably not doing enough for their descendants- don't know whether they attribute flaws to ancestors,) end up completely forgotten and without anything to tie them to the living? Do they end up as 'malicious specter' as the actual-damnatio-memoraie ones do?

Yes. Their unmoored existence is undeserved and unjust, but no less painful.

Second, and partially related, what happens to a Morrigi that dies without children? Going off of the 'tribes' kind of thing they have going, I would assume that anyone in their tribe can suffice to remember them, but am I correct, and what does this mean, good/bad afterlife wise?

No Morrigi dies without children so long as he or she is in good standing with the Tribe. It is the Tribe that reveres the dead as a collective, not just the individual who communes with his or her own specific bloodline.

Oh, and third, Do the Morrigi think this is the case for children of the dust? Do they try to convert them, give them mildly disapproving looks, or actively discourage them from aping (hehe) Morrigi practices?

They wouldn't actively discourage others from aping them, except for political or social reasons (I.e., to prevent foreign leaders from becoming uncomfortable). But Morrigi are very clear on the difference between Self and Other, and they do not necessarily believe that the dustlings undergo the same process and problems after death that Morrigi do.

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Re: Afterlife?

Post by Askis » Fri Feb 10, 2012 10:38 pm

Erinys wrote:Ancestral spirits subjected to this treatment become homeless, wandering wraiths, unable to remember their former lives and doomed to roam land and stars seeking always for someone who recognizes or remembers them. Morrigi have a particular horror of amnesia for this reason; they associate loss of memory with the vengeful dead.

Wandering ghosts are considered dangerous and potentially lethal, especially if they are extremely old; over centuries and millennia they become the enemies of all life, determined to destroy those who betrayed them.

Wandering Wraiths?
Or Specters maybe? ;)

Although if Specters were forgotten Morrigi, that would have some serious implications for what Human and Zuul interstellar travel actually is...
Oh the possibilities :twisted:

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