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Fashions in space

Post by Kaan'Ish » Fri May 25, 2012 4:54 pm

What sort of clothing styles are perhaps typical in the dominant cultures of the species in Sword of the Stars? Looking at people around where I live these days, it seems that the human contemporary preference is one for reasonably form fitting light clothing, matched with trousers. Colder weather brings out padded coats and hats. This seems reasonable to extrapolate to the future humans presented in the game, although I assume that synthetics are used less commonly in day to day wear.

The Liir are known to be nudists, for obvious reasons, but is the same true of the Hivers and the Zuul? The hivers are known to use their carapaces in ways that we would use clothing (for example, engraving it, shaping it, and attaching ornamental elements), and modify their bodies to serve the purposes of at least some forms of utilitarian clothing (such as vacuum suits, and hazardous environment gear). It would seem to follow that the carapace is viewed as the site for displaying individuality via, essentially, body modification.
In the case of the Zuul, they are also noted to adapt their physiologies in part to different climatic conditions, implying that they too use their hides as a form of clothing.
In both cases, however, it would also seem useful to have some kind of utility belts for holding small items, and backpacks or equivalent. Would Hivers and Zuul, therefore, dress in something approaching dungarees, combat webbing, or cargo shorts, adapted to their physiology?

Tarkan love of ornamentation seems like it would lead to preferences for bright colours in clothing, and on clothes that do not restrict the wearer's movements, as shared with their body armour. This might well suggest leotards, and short sleeves/legs. On the other hand, coming from a hot, humid world, preferences could well be towards loose clothing, similarly non-restrictive, as the body has freedom to move under the garments, such items as would resemble sarongs, tunics, dresses, and the like. Unless Tarka do not feel the same effects from such climates as humans do (as reptiles on Earth are capable of tolerating much harsher conditions with no signifcant discomfort than mammals). Given the importance of their prehensile feet and tails, I assume they would also prefer to go barefoot.

Finally, Morrigi are large creatures, and from artworks showing them do not appear to cover their entire bodies, although they are represented with breastplates and other garments that lace on to the body. Is this representative of Morrigi dress? That they wear clothing as a variety of smaller pieces resembling corsets, backless tops, and other laced garments? Would they also wear items that wrap around their bodies, which would seem more practical for their proportionally slender frames? Things such as togas, wraparound body skirts, and those bandages Rocky Horror wears in the eponymous Picture Show.

The art only really shows any individuals in combat gear, and I was curiously speculating on what civilians might look like in day to day life.

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