Astrographics knowledge + Races

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Astrographics knowledge + Races

Post by Belisareus » Sun Jun 17, 2012 1:16 pm

I have been wondering about the astrographical/charted knowledge of the SotS playable races.

How many stars has each faction mapped/visited as of the commencement of the LoW wars?

Due to each civilization's engine tech and history I guess it must be different?

Humans have the second fastest engine tech but the node lines may cause some limits in terms of a spherical exploration around Sol. At the same time, they may have facilitated in an extremely wide area of presense, albeit in a routes like pattern.

The Hivers are the oldest of the original 4 space faring races with 1000 years of space technology but they were limited by sub-light engines and lack of the Gate tech until recently.

Liir have been "space faring" in a fashion for 320000 years but with radical technological devolution by choice after each Suulka. Is the current Liirian Empire the one with widest
/largest astrographical knowledge?

Tarkas have been spacefaring for a few centuries, and they had the golden age of their Silver Imperium. Did the silver imperium have a greater knowledge of stars and systems prior to its fall/disappearance? I assume that although their other planets disappeared and the Homeworld was no longer the Capital of their civilization, they must have been storing their knowledge their, considering the assumed industrialisation of Kao Kona which must have been the basis of the Silver Imperium's foundation. Still I am wondering, which Tarkan empire had the greatest astrographical knowledge, and how do they compare?

The Morrigi are the oldest new race and their Golden Age must have seen them with the knowledge and pissibly colonisation of hundreds systems? Although they have regressed and barely survived the attention of the Suulka when they started getting back on their feet, how much of their Golden Astrographical retain? How much of their former space do they currently claim, know of, have (antiquated) records and how much of their former space is lost to them in knowledge and access?

The Zuul have been the youngest spacefarers; how they gone to systems/areas no other races have gone? Have they even explored beyond the Golden Era Morrigi Sphere? Have they fought any other races that we are not aware of? How many low tech independents have they enslaved, snacked on, fed to the Suulka? Have the Prester Zuul shared such information with the Liir/other races?

Finally, how far have the Suulka travelled? Did they remain in the Arm of the Milky way where the current races dwell of have they moved/explored towards the Galactic Core? Have they encountered any other advanced civilisations, or relics of extinct races that the 6 races have never seen?

In relation to the 6 races, have they shared/gained via espionage their system explorations? Eg: Would the Hivers know, in one way or another the extent and direction of the Sol Force explored systems and vice versa?

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Re: Astrographics knowledge + Races

Post by Azrael Ultima » Sun Jun 17, 2012 4:31 pm

You know, this brings to my mind a somewhat related question.

Specificially, how do the nav charts of the various factions differ due to their drive techs and culture?

I'd imagine Human maps concentrate less on where the systems are and more on how they are connected via their node lines, while Morrigi place greater emphasis on trade routes and such and the Liir have an easier time working with true 3D maps since moving in three dimensions is natural to them.
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