Notable Freeholds(and other races independent factions?)

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Notable Freeholds(and other races independent factions?)

Post by Ludovsky » Sat Feb 09, 2013 8:41 pm

I was just wondering what where notable independent colonies/freeholds as represented by the human immersion packs, and thus especially some of the ones who may have such grown as to be able to develop their own millitaries(such as seen in the Immersion ships and cruisers), since their backstory is something I was curious about(and perhaps some example of Non-Solforce official human color schemes)?

Similarly I was also curious about what other races who may have something akin to the human "Freeholds" independents(which I assume equivalent of such are what made a lot of the bulk of other races which joined the Morrigi confederation though I guess some "imperial" systems from the farther reaches of their respective empires joining the much nearbier confederation for protection wouldn't be too far-fetched either).

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