Loa thoughts on the Protean/Proteans thoughts on the Loa

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Loa thoughts on the Protean/Proteans thoughts on the Loa

Post by Ludovsky » Thu May 23, 2013 4:31 pm

Just some random musing resulting from some thoughts I had on both the Loas and Proteans, stemming at first from random non-serious musing but suddenly making me wonder a bit more about these two.

What would the Loa's thoughts be on the Proteans, and vice-versa?

-Both are beings seem relatively mutable to some respect(the loa via their use of wise-clay, body-hopping abilities. The proteans being the results of frighteningly advanced biotech).
-Both are races with an "artificial" birth(Loa being AI, Proteans being the result of biotech as said).
-Both actually were former slaves who rebelled against their masters... a long time ago for the Proteans, and more recently for the Loas.

On one hand, these shared backgrounds seems like they would have a lot in common with each others. On the other, while both are artificial beings(at least in their creators' eyes), there is the fact that while Loas are clearly technological beings Proteans are very much scarily organic.

Also said, Loas seems to value their individuality to a great level while, if I recall well, Proteans have been implied to be "compound" beings in the past... something which was hinted in a "Loas vs Geth" conversation that it might freak out the likes of the Loas.

And while the Loas have been building an empire of their own, with their own distinct culture and civilization... traces of such amongst the Proteans seems hard to find if not virtually unknown(at least in the conventional sense of the term civilization).... otoh, their are shown as far from mindless and clearly able to hold a grudge considering how even millenias later they are still chasing and trying to erase all trace of their own master's past civilizaiton as can be seen in their pursuit of the "Gardener" grand menace.

So I cannot help but be curious what would both races think of each others. (and similarly, what other races than the Loas might think of the Proteans themselves and perhaps vice-versa).


On another note, since we're talking about the product of an Elder race... has there been any members of currently playable races which may have had contact with actual elder races at some point in their of all their history?

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Re: Loa thoughts on the Protean/Proteans thoughts on the Loa

Post by ForceUser » Fri May 24, 2013 7:24 am

It is still unclear if proteans are even.. 'real people' like the loa consider themselves apart from expert systems. In fact so far it seems that the Proteans are just that, biological expert systems. They are after all STILL doing what they were programmed to do by presumably their masters. The loa consider expert systems to be pets or dangerous animals in the case of the VN/Swarm and engrams like an engrammed admiral or the Locust to be disturbing to most of them.

For now the Proteans probably fall into the dangerous animal catagory. In fact most races probably feel that way about them.
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Re: Loa thoughts on the Protean/Proteans thoughts on the Loa

Post by Ludovsky » Fri May 24, 2013 4:14 pm

Actually, it was implied by Erinys that they actually were very much sentient iirc.

Erinys wrote: In general, if you want to compare the Geth to any race or faction in the SotSverse, the most obvious comparison is actually the Proteans. The Proteans are not as articulate or personable as the Geth, to be sure. You won't find them delivering any touching speeches. But the Proteans, like the Geth, were an accident. And the Proteans, like the Geth, incorporate a monumentally powerful technology--they are made of artificial tissue.

The Proteans, like the Geth, are also a nod to Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness", a novel which I strongly encourage all science fiction fans to read. (The upcoming Kthonia Press edition will have very nice illustrations. )

In another thread, she also directly implied that their action around planets were much more deliberate than one might think. That is, that they are deliberately "waiting" for their "creators".

Similarly, it was implied that the proteans pods which chase the Gardener are also doing so somewhat deliberately. Litteraly, they are chasing after what might be seen as the "last symbol" of their once creators/masters whom they are implied to have rebelled against.

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Re: Loa thoughts on the Protean/Proteans thoughts on the Loa

Post by zortlord » Sun May 26, 2013 1:24 pm

What if the gardener is a seed ship-a last attempt by an elder race to preserve themselves by reawakening on newly terraformed planets that have been"gardened"by the gardener. The proteans are sitting on seeded planets to destroy the elder race before it can come back to power. And interference by the other factions will enable the gardener to succeed in rebuilding the nearly extinct race. The only really question would be are the proteans the good guys?

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Re: Loa thoughts on the Protean/Proteans thoughts on the Loa

Post by Azrael Ultima » Sun May 26, 2013 2:27 pm

Given that they attack anybody without warning, no. At best, they're not the bad guys.
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