Hiver calling Antimatter "Black Matter"

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Hiver calling Antimatter "Black Matter"

Post by Hari Seldon » Sun Jun 09, 2013 7:19 pm

Erinys wrote:Just as an example: many people mistakenly believe that the Hiver mythos of the Black Queen is a simple and primitive manifestation of dualist philosophy, analogous to many known human examples. A closer look at this belief system at the upper levels of the Hiver clerical hierarchy, however, reveals that this is not simply a philosophy or a myth which illustrates the Zoroastrian principle. It is a cosmological system which the priests describe with equations and advanced astrophysical theory.

The Hivers do not believe that the entity we call "the universe" is in fact a universe. They would probably say that it was more accurately classified as a "bi-verse". The Meniscus of the universe--which is the basis for both the Tarka's "warp" bubble and the Hiver's instantaneous matter transmission--is not a sheathe which separates being from non-being. It is rather a sometimes-permeable barrier which separates the realm of the Light Queen from that of the Black Queen. Those who wonder what is meant by "the realm of the Black Queen"--which ordinary Worker, Warrior and Royal Hivers conceive as a sort of "hell" inhabited by demonic entities--should probably be aware that Hivers do not call the substance that fuels their most powerful drives "antimatter".

They call it "Black Matter".


I have a theory that makes Hivers calling antimatter "black matter" a very very poetic way of looking at real physics (not the antimatter and matter universes separated by the meniscus, only the term "black matter" itself).

Commonly observed particles (baryons) like protons and neutrons have three quarks of different "colors" that add up to "colorless"

Some particles (mesons) can have a color and anticolor to do the same thing.

Common Antimatter particles (baryons) like antiprotons and antineutrons have three quarks of different "anticolors" that add up to "colorless"

There are two ways of adding colors together.

1. Additive

2. Subtractive

We could decide to call baryon matter "additive color" and makes white with the quarks

We could decide to call baryon antimatter "subtractive color" and makes black with the quarks

We could decide to call mesons "grey" because they contain one matter and one antimatter added together.


The way Sword of the Stars takes reality and makes it poetic is almost unparalleled. :D
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Re: Hiver calling Antimatter "Black Matter"

Post by Erinys » Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:18 am

Many thanks. ;) Not many people appreciate the finer points of the universe.

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Re: Hiver calling Antimatter "Black Matter"

Post by feld » Thu Aug 15, 2013 10:57 pm


Apologies for the necro but I felt compelled to point out that Erinys has also neatly hidden an answer to what I think is still a significant cosmological question in there: where did all the antimatter go?
A: the other part of the biverse

Very cool...

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