Human Psions

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Human Psions

Post by Vasir » Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:10 pm

The psionics section of the lore book had me wondering: what psionic abilities do human psions have an affinity for, if any? Is it hard to tell at this point?

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Re: Human Psions

Post by Aeson » Fri Sep 12, 2014 4:42 am

This isn't a direct answer to your question, but you could look at the chances in the tech tree.

Humans are:
- Third-best with Lesser Glamour with a 40% chance. This is roughly average among the non-Loa; while Morrigi are much better (it's guaranteed for them), Liir sit at only a 60% shot and the next-best is down at 30%. Not great, but not terrible, either.
- Third-best with Iron Mind, with a 65% chance. Again, about average.
- Third-best with Farsense, with a 75% chance. Again, about average.
- Second-best with Precognition, with an 80% chance. Decently far above average, as the next-best is Tarka at 65% odds.
- Second-best with Mecha-Empathy, with a 75% chance. About average.
- Second-worst with Telekinesis, with a 50% chance. A little below average.

Those are the gateways. As for the next set of powers/abilities, assuming you made the gateways:
- Worst by far at Telepathy, with a 20% chance. The Liir and Zuul are both guaranteed to have this, and the other three factions all have about twice the Human chance at it. Requires Farsense.
- Third-best at Doomsayers, with a 50% chance. A bit above average here, as Liir and Morrigi aren't that much better, Hivers and Tarka are much worse, and Zuul can't get it. Requires Precognition.
- Second-worst at Scientific Prolepsis, with a 35% chance. Next-worst are Tarka, at 45% chances; everyone else aside from Zuul (who can't get it) is at 85-90%. Requires Precognition.
- Third-best at Subversion, with a 70% chance. A bit above average, here. Requires Mecha-Empathy.
- Third-best at Combat Telekinesis, with a 75% chance. About average. Requires Telekinesis.
- Second-best at Micro-Kinesis, with an 85% chance. A bit above average. Requires Telekinesis.
- Third-best at MetaKinesis, with a ~90% chance. A bit above average; Liir are guaranteed to have it, Tarka are at about a 98% shot, Hiver and Morrigi are both around an 84% chance, and even Zuul get a ~57% chance (this is accounting for the chances through the three possible routes to MetaKinesis - directly from Telekinesis, or through Combat Telekinesis or Micro-Kinesis). Requires at least Telekinesis; serves as the next gateway tech in the Telekinesis branch.

After that, Humans are a bit above average at Telepathic Security, about average with Warmind and Coercion, about average with Possession, and third-best (and a bit above average) with Shield/Reflect.

Overall, this suggests that Humans are inclined towards Precognition/Doomsayer and the Mecha-Empathy line. They're not terrible at Telekinesis, but not that great at it, either - though the telekinetics that they do have would appear to be fairly capable. Decent with Farsense, they're just about crap with anything related to Telepathy due to poor chances at being telepathic, though those that are telepathic are average at Coercion and Warmind, and fairly good at Telepathic Security (i.e. threat detection). With everything else, aside from Scientific Prolepsis (at which they apparently stink), Humans appear to be fairly average.

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Re: Human Psions

Post by Erinys » Fri Sep 12, 2014 11:07 pm

Very clever, Aeson. Indeed, sometimes file-diving is the most straight-forward answer, with the understanding that these variables do change over time, like any set of genetic probabilities.

In general Humans are not great at telepathy and telekinesis, but those who are might have a powerful advantage, if they can translate it into a lot of surviving offspring. In future generations, Humans might end up having a greater tendency to develop the those abilities if more people carried the potential.

As it stands, Humans during the Winter Wars era lean toward Precognition and Far-Sensing, with quite a few manifesting Mecha-Empathy that is often going undetected, as it often does with Tarka.

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