Autofiring Detonating Torpedos?

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Autofiring Detonating Torpedos?

Post by spitfire_ch » Wed May 22, 2013 7:05 pm

As the subject suggests, I can't quite figure out how to automatically fire detonating torpedos. I enabled the auto option "Auto AOE Weapon Trigger" and would expect the det torps to automatically fire at incoming enemies. But they don't (or hardly ever do). It does not seem to matter whether I set them to "Disabled" or "Aiming".

Even when aiming manually, I don't quite get the hang of it. In the weapon test area they seem to mostly work as expected: I aim at some space in front of the ship, a torpedo is launched and turns toward the red circle. However, the trouble starts when I put multiple red circles, and not directly in front of the ship. From time to time, a torpedo is still launched, but the frequency seems massively reduced. Also, I can't delete misplaced red circles. I believe in SOTS prime I could remove them using del. In battle, I have real trouble firing the things. I waited till the enemy fleet moved in range of the torps and aimed at a spot between my ship and the enemy (within range), but it wouldn't fire. Because the aiming angle was not perfect? I don't know. The behaviour of the detonating torps has a random feeling to me (some times the fire in close succession then nothing happens for a long time, although there are still many red circles in front of the ship) and up to now I have not been able to effectivley use them (mostly because they just won't fire).

More questions:
- how can you aim at a different plane (above/below)?
- can you aim them directly at an enemy (by clicking the enemy instead of the area close to it)?

Thank you very much for shedding some light :) (be it the light of a fusion reaction or antimatter annihilation - I don't care)

- spitfire

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