What are some good weapons you need to posses?

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What are some good weapons you need to posses?

Post by JzargoMcgubble » Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:07 pm

All the weapon trees are kind of overwhelming. It's hard to tell what weapons are useful and which aren't. Which weapons should you start researching first?

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Re: What are some good weapons you need to posses?

Post by Azrael Ultima » Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:01 pm

All weapons are useful, just not all the time. There is no single "right" weapon for all situations.
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Re: What are some good weapons you need to posses?

Post by Ryat » Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:18 pm

There are so many variables to these weapons that its better to define by types.
I go
1. PD weapon. Missiles are the strongest weapon in the beginning and can be developed to stay strong all the way through. Having a good PD weapon is important.
2. Main weapon. These I will usually put in the Large Mounts.
3. Secondary weapon. These I will usually either a) having something that compliments the Main (aka Stormers in mediums with Rippers in large) or b) an opposite weapon (energy in medium if large is ballistics) for when the enemy develops a defense for the large.
4. Spinal weapon mounts. Impactors are my fav but Cutting Beams and Torpedos are equally useful.
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Re: What are some good weapons you need to posses?

Post by Resok » Wed Jun 05, 2013 12:24 am

For me weapons choices are integral to an overarching strategy (which goes along with the tech choices that unlock said weapons).

Weapon choices also heavily weigh in on what your enemy is fielding as well. I generally consider a few things first before focusing on a particular weapon line.

First I consider the race I'm playing and what some of their best high end tech options are. For example for Tarka and Hiver both have great chances at HEAP rounds under the Ballistics tree. They also have a solid chance at both Impactors as well as Neutronium rounds. For Solforce this chance is average but still fairly decent. So I keep in mind what kind of high-end options are likely for the race I'm currently playing. This generally guides my initial weapon plans and I also consider my early designs with this in mind. For example if I'm going for deep ballistics weapons, I can retrofit basic turn 1 mass drivers ships all the way up to HEAP rounds when I unlock them later.

Second I consider what the highest threat weapons my enemy can field against me currently. This factors into both defensive tech options (like armor and coating) as well as weapon mounts like PD and such. Early game some of the highest threat weapons are boarding pods, missiles, drones, and BRs. All are countered to a lesser or greater degree by various PD weaponry (or emitters). In this case if my race has a good chance at the high end ballistic weapons I'll generally go for VRF first which benefits the rate of fire on most ballistic weaponry (passively). This then leads into Phalanx PD. For more energy focused races I'll either go for the Beamer line in the hopes of getting variable lasers, or go straight for Laser PD. If your enemy is exclusively fielding missiles and drones, then I'll instead consider checking on interceptor missiles which are incredibly good against missiles, but considerably less effective against higher durability threats like BRs.

Third I consider what to fill my medium and heavy mounts with as I'll generally be packing PD in the light mounts. Some of the earliest choices are Plasma and Fusion cannons which personally I find to be very effective in a brawl. Mass drivers are good for brute force damage against a huge target, but the longer range and more accurate AP Rounds and later HEAP rounds I've found to be *far* more effective at killing other enemy ships. If you're looking for stand-off/kiting forces, drone carriers armed with missiles and heavy drones are very effective for most races until your enemy fields sufficient amount of PD weaponry to counter them. Torpedos are also incredibly effective - though Photon and Disruptor Torp lines require a bit more finesse to use effectively I feel.

Really at the end of the day - all of the weapons are effective in their own unique ways. Each have counters and some situations where they can be less effective against your enemy. Each race also have their own unique distribution of light, medium, heavy, and specialized (HCL, Torp, etc.) mounts that differentiate them from other races. For example the Tarka Torpedo section packs 2 heavy mount turrets so for Tarka you'll be better off ensuring you have a good heavy mount weapon when you're fielding torpedos. Tarka, Zuul and Loa all have a much heavier leaning towards heavy mounts on their ship designs compared to the other races so this should be considered as well.

Anyway... hopefully I haven't confused things more - generally the answer isn't quite so cut and dry in my opinion. I can outline some specific combinations I've found to be very effective with particular races. I'm a huge fan of HEAP on Tarka and Hiver ships (and it gets you a Light, Medium, and Heavy mount in one tech). For Solforce I've found great success with Barrage mission section for their cruisers armed with direct fire torpedos and energy weapons and/or missiles.
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Re: What are some good weapons you need to posses?

Post by brandonbvisi » Wed Jun 05, 2013 5:47 pm

I usually play Liir faction, and prefer shielding and energy weapons.

The most effective things to get (both offense and defense) right off the bat (in my opinion) is the left side and right side of the tree in the torpedo line. Skip the middle torpedo line. Left is for long range, and right side is for short/medium range encounters.

If you can't place the torpedo's in the mounts on the ship, fill it up with PD weapons to shoot down incoming torpedo's and missiles. Either beams or the light emitters work well here too. So I go for just the torpedo's and the PD. Then I work up my shielding line.

This usually takes me very far into the game with just cruiser technology. In fact, I can usually take out fleets of dreadnoughts with my cruisers without breaking much of a sweat. Of course, this is with MK5 shielding, shield regenerators (they recharge without having to be depleted first) and loading up with barrage/torpedo cruisers which can fire about 4-5 torpedos per salvo.

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Re: What are some good weapons you need to posses?

Post by Aranador » Thu Jun 27, 2013 5:02 am


I like to get disruptor torpedoes and emitters. Gives me a very versatile backbone of firepower to respond to most threats.

From there, what ever the random tech tree throws at me - I do like a combined arms approach.

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