A Shepard Shorn (Seriously)

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The Apprentice
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A Shepard Shorn (Seriously)

Post by The Apprentice » Wed Sep 24, 2014 8:18 am

I tried another blue room attempt at Seriously. This time with the Zuul. Started at floor 10, and was delaying accessing the XP bank to get as many free skillpoints as possible. I had made it to floor 13, and was level 9, when it all ended abruptly.

A Morrigi Heavy Drone fired a single shot, dealing 158 damage. Full health (155) to zero in a single turn. I was wearing Hiver Chitin Plate with a hardening biomod, so 88 armor. MHD's are just super deadly.

I clearly would have been better served by being less greedy and instead tapping the XP bank. Sorry Enoch.

Some Observations
- The Zuul cannot rely on psionics at the start at all. His regen rate of 1 every 3 turns means that you are expending 3 food for every single psi point you regen. Even with the Liirian Focus Amulet, psi power just doesn't regen fast enough to be regularly used in Seriously.
- The Coercer's Diadem is probably pretty key to going far with the Zuul and Psionics. I didn't have one for the run, and it wold have doubled my augmented psi regen. Perhaps enough to make it more useful regularly, not sure.
- Boy is he SQUISHY! Without access to the immobilization options of the Liir, you will have to take far more hits as the Zuul, no matter how cleverly you play.
- Food would have been a huge issue without bluerooming. The need to stop and heal is pretty constant, and without access to regular psi power for healing rest or lucky drops are your only options.
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Re: A Shepard Shorn (Seriously)

Post by LuckyLuckLuc » Tue Sep 30, 2014 10:36 am

ARgh, a rough end, good luck on your next attempt.
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