Units of Measurement

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Units of Measurement

Post by Razvan563 » Sun Jul 29, 2018 5:53 pm

Well first I have to say hello to everyone here and I hope you you can help me with this topic and more in the future.

Everytime I delve into the Universe and Lore that is Sword of the Stars I sometimes come out shocked, interested, confused and even fearful. But one thing has kind of been nagging at my brain for a while and that is each races' Calendar. The SotSWiki give a little help, but the timeline there is a little lacking in certain parts. Now I have a question to any who know the answer and that is what is the length of time of a Year in a different faction. I mean I know SolForce is around the year 2552 as of End of Flesh, but what about the other factions. What is the length of a Hiver, Tarka, Liir, Zuul, Morrigi, Loa year in relation to our own time measuring system from second, minute, hour, day etc.? And also what sort of Units of Measurement are used in the other factions other than SolForce.

Now I admit I haven't read The Deacon's Tale and I don't have access to the Lore Book, so I am sorry if the answer is there I will not know it.

I hope I can be given an answer to my question and hopefully I haven't bothere to much with it. Untill then stay safe everyone.
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