Not really bugs, not features, admiral manager

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Not really bugs, not features, admiral manager

Post by Watchman » Tue Nov 12, 2013 6:33 pm

I've gotten in a lot of play time lately so I keep stumbling over a lot of little things. Things where, ya know, the polish isn't quite there for such a game with great stuff built into it. Not a criticism because I'm fully aware how under the gun the developers are (all praise to the long suffering developers lest they come to my house and disassemble my computer) :angel: .

In the Admiral Manager, I frequently get this kind of thing when it goes over 100 admirals in the pool. In the attached picture, notice the wonderful tally of total admirals and how the field cuts off the number once there are more than 2 digits in each field. :roll: Oops. Oh well, nothing that must be fixed, honestly. However...

couldn't the sort be a little more genuinely useful by also permitting sorting by trait which is the most frequent thing I'm looking for when assigning an admiral? nudge. nudge.
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