Meet the Team: Chris Stewart

Favorite thing about making games
I like that it’s a rare job in a rare industry. People make assumptions about the work (“Oh, how lucky! You get to play video games all day!” Yes, the same work-in-progress for the better part of a year…) and the industry (“It’s like making movies, right?” No, not really), a lot of which misunderstand the amount of work required to make a game. But at the same time, nobody else in the world gets to solve the kinds of problems a dev team gets to solve. Not just technically, but creatively. There’s a line at the end of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 The Movie where one of the robots spots the special-effects team and cracks, “Oh, those are the guys that spend all day making elves dance.” That’s what I tell people I do… it’s not far off the mark, really.

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