The Pit: Infinity Near The End of Early Access

As we near the end of our third phase of beta for The Pit: Infinity, our FPS / Rogue-like hybrid, based on our older, more typical Rogue-like The Pit, CEO and Creative Lead Martin Cirulis had a few things to share;

Hey folks!
So wonders upon wonders, the final phase of major updates is upon us! Yes, its true! This week, this wonderful middle week of September 2019, will see the release of the Biome update! (Including the final floor)

Other than the ton of fun for you to test and explore, it also marks that last of the major content that will go into initial release. So after this weeks update their will be a fairly intensive debugging, balancing and small content adds (like progressive hallway details, small items etc etc) period before going final in October.

Support will continue long after release of course, and, hopefully the game will go well enough for us to start working on Various DLC’s. Perhaps a couple of characters and then a big push for Mind Games Infinity-Style!

Thanks to all of you, especially those who came in at the beginning, for all the help and we will be very grateful for any playing and bug/balance reports you care to make.


Stay tuned for news of final release date and pricing.

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