Let's give The Pit extended shelf life! (By doing mods)

Well, we hadn't planned on it, but here we are...

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Let's give The Pit extended shelf life! (By doing mods)

Post by MZ0125 » Wed Nov 22, 2017 4:30 am

OK, so the devs are wrapping up The Pit Prime with Osmium Edition, I think we can make it Osmium+ Edition by making mods.

So as I mentioned years ago, there is a tool that can extract the data from the xnb files. It's not my own design, I founded it on http://wikiwiki.jp/sotsthepit/, but it get the job done, so why not.

Anyway, I still suck at using any programming language to get a better user interface, but I did made a bat file to make it one-click zip/unzip.

To use the package:
1. unzip the package, preferably D:\. the key here is that the path can not contain spaces! so path like X:\Program Files\ won't work.
2. if you did not unpack the package in D:\, it's ok. just go to ...\NoSpacePathWorkSpace\SotS_TP\Modding_Utility, use notepad or any other text editor, open "SotS_TP_Xnb_DescToText.bat" and "SotS_TP_Xnb_TextToDesc.bat"
3. in the bat file, change the "D:\" in "D:\NoSpacePathWorkSpace\SotS_TP\Content\d??.xnb" and "D:\NoSpacePathWorkSpace\SotS_TP\Modding_Utility\Output_Text\LabBench -r" to whatever path you unpacked the stuff.
4. the program should automatically detect any compatible xnb files to text or the other way, and put them in the output folders "Output_Text" for txt or "Output_Desc" for xnb files. Note that they will overwrite any files with same name, so do backups if needed
5. the data files I've attached with the package is from the Osmium Edition + all DLC, it will work for any 1.6.0S Osmium(Gold) Edition with or without any DLC
6. Edit the txt files in the "\Output_Text\LabBench", convert all txt files back to xnb using "SotS_TP_Xnb_TextToDesc.bat", backup all your saves "X:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\Sword of the Stars - The Pit" for all your saves, including the global save, then copy all folders and files under "\Output_Desc\LabBench" to "[gamefolder]\Content\", overwrite all files.
7. start up the game and enjoy.

I will try to make a list of the function of each file, but that is a pretty long one, not sure when I can get it done, if anyone wants to help, I would really appreciate it. Thx a lot!

Too big to attach on the forum, here is a link to my Google Drive
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eRkVtz ... sp=sharing

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